At Perry Hill Farm Studios, we also provide wedding videography services. We aim to capture your wedding day memories flawlessly and artfully, helping you celebrate and remember your perfect day.


We appreciate the uniqueness of your wedding. We know weddings cannot be defined by one style, so we offer a mix of distinct genres to reflect your individuality. We believe your wedding should be emotional, beautiful and personal and we believe our films should be a reflection of what makes you, you.




Most people only have one wedding in their life, so it makes sense to hire a wedding videographer. Done properly, a wedding should be an epic production, and there is no reason why the video of your wedding should be anything less.


We take our job seriously and create amazing videos you will treasure forever. Just because we do an incredibly professional job doesn't mean you need the budget of a major Hollywood studio to hire our services. We are proud to be a provider of affordable wedding videography without compromising quality.


Your wedding is a special day and wedding films should capture what is unique and special about your day and your wedding. Our wedding videography is so much more than just "point and shoot" filming.




Taking the time to get to know you a bit and to discuss with you what the essence of your wedding is, we then carefully devise the plan for the video, which allows us to commence the actual filming in an efficient, professional, and effective way.


As a wedding video maker, we strive to achieve the excellence in videography that every client should demand from a professional wedding videographer. The most important requirement for great wedding filmography is to know exactly how it is all going to be done before the cameras even come out of their cases.




Shooting a wedding video is, in some ways, more difficult than most other types of productions, because nearly everything happens live. That means there are no opportunities to do a retake. You have to capture everything in one moment, without fail.


Thus 90 percent of the success of a wedding videographer is determined by their skills as a wedding video editor. Just as with feature films, the real magic of a wedding video happens in post-production.


During editing, all the different shots that were captured from different angles and zoom points are processed and the best of them are combined into a single narrative that tells the story of the wedding.


It's necessary to understand that the goal of a wedding videoographer should not be to present the wedding like a news report, but to present it in a way that captures the emotion of the moment, and which makes you feel like you are living through that moment again every time you view it.




We are determined to give you nothing less than a fantastic wedding video. No effort is spared in achieving that goal. We know there's just one chance to create perfection, so we focus all our energy on doing just that.


Of course we are just one small part in a much larger scenario. We are capturing what happens, but there are many other people, including yourselves, who are involved in the main event. To make sure everthing goes smoothly, these tips can help:


  • Talk to us. This is the most important thing you can do, because the more you tell us about yourselves and what is going to be happening on the day, including special details that we couldn't know unless you tell us, the better the outcome will be. We can use the information to give you the best results.


  • Forget the cameras are there. One of the worst things that can happen is to focus your attention on the cameras.  


  • Be yourself. This is related to the previous tip. The video won't work well if you don't sound and act natural. Of course you're probably going to be a bit nervous and excited, that's normal. But try not to think about what else is going on. Think about the fact you're getting married and how you feel about that.


  • Don't get ahead of yourselves. In all that excitement, it can be easy to forget some things. For example, don't rush to  cut the cake and forget to make sure the photographer and videographer are there capturing the moment.


  • Rehearsals and walk-throughs are a good idea. It's never a bad thing to take a practice run (or two) before the big event. This will help you feel more confident and relaxed when it comes to the real wedding.


  • Try to avoid surprises. Surprises are almost never a good idea at weddings. It may sound romantic, but a surprise can often backfire, and sometimes in the worst of ways. It's better to stick to the plan as closely as you can.



Cost of your video will be determined by several factors, e.g. filming duration, length of video, location etc. If you need more information regarding our videography & pricing, contact us for a free wedding consultation
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