What does a Lost Boy session consist of?

It will be exact same idea as the Fairies. We head out into the Secret Garden where they might see butterflies, the magical lantern, or even real Fairies etc. This is a fun opportunity for little boys to also be a part of the adventure!


Do you have Lost Boy outfits?

Because of the simplicity of the Lost Boys outfit we do not supply their clothing. We will, however, have props for them to use. Just make sure they bring suitable clothing, eg: shorts, rolled up jeans, braces, no shirt etc, to complete the look. 


Will any other children be there on the day?

No, this is a private adventure for your family & friends only. You have the choice between 1-4 Fairies and/or Lost Boys.


Can any other children, or adults come with us on the day?
Unfortunately not, this will distract everyone and waste valuable adventure time. One adult per child and no other kids!


Can I take photos on the day?
You may absolutely take photos during the Glam time, but absolutely no cameras of any kind (phone etc) or recording is allowed during the adventure. The adventure will not continue on if this happens. We are there to capture these moments for you!

What if I want to change my package on the day?
No problem at all! Just let our team know when you arrive.

What if it rains?
In the event of rain we will do our best to reschedule. If after multiple attempts we are still not able to go ahead your deposit will be refunded.


Do we get to pick which photos are edited?

You do not get to choose which are edited as our team will be spending hours choosing the most appropriate images from the menu you selected. This is why we have a Magical Edits menu for you to choose which type of adventure they are having. 


How many images of each Fairy/Lost Boy do we get if there are 2,3, or 4 Fairies/Lost Boys with me?

The amount of images you will receive is listed within each package. These are the total images and are split equally amongst your group. So if there are 4 Fairies/Lost Boys in your group and you choose the Twinkle option, each will receive 10 images. (Image packages are NOT per Fairy/Lost Boy).


How soon can I expect my images?

Due to the custom nature of every single session you can expect your timeless keepsake images 3-4 weeks after their adventure. It takes a little while to create magic!


Do you provide CDs or USBs?
Our images are sent by email transfer. We offer USB's if required. Cost: £20 (plus p&p if posting). We do not supply CD's. 


Can we order prints, albums from you?
Yes you can! We have special Glitz Fairy discount pricing! 


When do you start taking bookings?
Our calendars are ready for bookings from May, with event dates beginning in June. These sessions do book up quickly and we already have a waiting list for our first week. To be added email


Can I pay in installments?
Since the full payment is not due until the time of the session, we unfortunately do not provide an installment option. 


What if we decide to add another Fairy/Lost Boy into our group?
If you add another Fairy/Lost Boy to your group you can do so provided your change is made more than 2 weeks before your booking. You would just need to send us email saying that you are adding them and make payment of the booking fee difference . This is to cover the cost of their goodies etc and again is non-refundable. Your group cannot exceed 4 Fairies/Lost Boys. 


What if something happens and I need to cancel, can I get my deposit back?
The deposit is non-refundable unless we cancel due to poor weather. We do grant a refund if cancelled within 48 hours of making the booking. This is because everything needed for their adventure will be ordered after that time. Please let us know if that does happen so we can remove you from the calendar and you are not charged for the session.


What if someone in my group backs out ?
You are welcome to find a back up replacement, We cannot refund their place, but you will still get the image number as per the package booked. Remember, your group cannot exceed 4 Fairies/Lost Boys.


What if one of the Fairies/Lost Boys doesn't want to play ball?

We have not yet had one Fairy, or Lost Boy refuse to be photographed during their adventure. To be honest, the whole Fairy concept is so exciting, and even helps the little ones who usually don’t do well infront of the camera! However, should we get anyone not wanting to be involved on the day, the adventure will continue without them and the amount of images booked will then be split amongst the remainder in the group. We cannot refund the difference.


That should be everything answered. If you have any other queries please let us know and we will be happy to help. 

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